NWU Mafikeng students interest in the Santa Gertrudis Breed

After the first day that was held for the NWU Mafikeng students, the need arose for follow up days and  another three days were presented from  6 to 8 October 2021.

Here is a short summary of the three days.

The second group of students were introduced to Santa Gertrudis SA on 6 October. It was an enjoyable experience having this group at Santa Veldbeestelers and it was encouraging to experience their enthusiasm to learn more about our wonderful breed. Thank you very much to Martin van Rooyen – Breed director, for his effort to join us and Bosveld Santa Gertrudis Studiegroep for the presentations and practical sessions. We would also like to thank Peter from Reint Grobler Ascendis Animal Health and Remp Genetics for your contributions.


The third group of students from NWU Mafikeng Campus visited Santa Veldbeestelers on 7 October. A PowerPoint presentation to introduce the Santa Gertrudis SA breed was followed by interesting sessions about the value of a good animal health program by Reint Grobler Ascendis Animal Health and the value of AI by REMP Genetics. Most people in the group participated enthusiastically. I would like to thank the students that participated and would like to thank KP Meso and Kemiso Shaddy Monyaki for your efforts to broaden the horizons of your students by creating opportunities for them. I would also like to thank Bosveld Santa Gertrudis Studiegroep for your huge contribution to market our wonderful breed!!!!


The forth group from NWU Mafikeng Campus was introduced to the Santa Gertrudis SA breed of today. We had the privilege to receive about 90 students, in four sessions, from the Agriculture Faculty. It was again disappointing to see how little they know about our breed but so encouraging to see their willingness to learn and to experience the enthusiasm of most. Thanks again to all who participated! Santa Gertrudis SA, Santa Veldbeestelers, Bosveld Santa Gertrudis Studiegroep, Reint Johannes Grobler, REMP Genetics. Perhaps the highlights of this chapter were the intense focus, good “eye” of some students and the contagious enthusiasm and care for their students shown by KP Meso and Kemiso Shaddy Monyaki. I hope your students appreciate you. We need more of you working with our young people!

On behalf of the Santa Gertrudis Society and Council, we would like to thank the Bosveld Santa Gertrudis Study Group for all there efforts and inputs to make these days happen.

Special thanks to Naude Pienaar for presenting these days and the facilities that he made available.

Thank you very much.




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